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Industrial Lumpia Popiah Wrappers Making Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:500pcs/h + Can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Industrial popiah lumpia wrapper making machine is made of stainless steel, which can make spring roll pastry, lumpia wrapper, egg roll skin, crepe etc. Lumpia wrapper making machine is composed of mixer, automatic batter feeding part,heating&shaping cylinder, cutter, conveying & cooling part and sheet stacking parts.

 lumpia wrapper making machine
The lumpia popiah wrapper making machine is composed of the following parts: wrapper making machine → dough pump, spray nozzle, baking cylinder; cooling conveyor belt; cutting machine → rotating cutter; whole column mechanism. Using the principle of one-time forming, the spring rolls wrapper are uniform in size and thickness, ensuring the quality of the finished spring rolls. The spring roll wrapper machine is easy to operate, the thickness of the spring roll wrapper is adjustable, and the size can be customized according to the mold. It is suitable for the production of various specifications of spring rolls.
lumpia wrapper making machine price
The lumpia wrapper making machine can be with gas or electric heating types. The whole series including 5models, each model produce sheets/pastries in different sizes, shapes, thickness and capacity, with different prices. But basic operation and function of each model is almost the same.


GELGOOG provides a complete set of advanced lumpia wrapper making solutions for every food company in demand, and a professional design team can fully meet the customization needs of large-scale production lines. Customized solutions according to your plant size, production plan, market expansion and other needs.

Technical Data

Model GG-3620 GG-5029 GG-8045 GG-12060
Voltage 380/220V(50/60HZ) 380/220V(50/60HZ) 380/220V(50/60HZ) 380/220V(50/60HZ)
Dia. of heating Cylinder 400mm 500mm 800mm 1200mm
Power 8/10kw or gas 18kw or gas 40kw or gas 59kw or gas
Host Power 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.75
Cutter Power 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2
Belt power - 0.36 0.36 0.55
(Sheet Dia/Width 150mm)
500-1000pcs/h 1000-1500pcs/h 3500pcs/h 9000pcs/h
Dimension 4100*950*1350mm 5200*950*1350mm 6200*1100*1600mm 6500*1300*2300mm
Rotating speed 1-2.5r/min 1-2.5r/min 1-3r/min 1-3r/min
Weight 330kg 520kg 1000kg 1750kg
Size of the Sheet ( Max.) 200mm 300mm 450mm 600mm
Thickness of the Sheet 0.3-2.0mm 0.3-2.0mm 0.3-2.0mm 0.3-2.0mm



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