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Automatic Egg Tart Production Line Customized Solution

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Automatic egg tart production line is designed to complete the pressing, cup dropping, forming, filling, conveying and other process of egg tart at one time. With high degree of automation, this egg tart production line saves labor, which is suitable for large-scale and medium-sized bakery production.
egg tart production line
The egg tart equipment developed by our factory has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, strong production capacity and stable performance, and is exported to overseas markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore.
Features of egg tart production line
1. The production line is composed of egg tart crust machine, filling machine, arrangement machine, etc., which can automatically complete the processes of meringue pressing, embryo making, automatic cup drop, automatic forming, automatic conveying and so on.
2. The egg tart shell forming machine has a large output, and can produce 1500-1800 pcs per hour on average. It saves a lot of labor and is suitable for production by large and medium-sized enterprises.
3. The production line completely imitates the process of making egg tarts by hand, without affecting the taste and quality of the product.
4. Non-embroidered material, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy to clean.

 The whole egg tart production line is mainly composed of dough mixer, molding machine, filling machine, oven and so on. How to opeate the egg tart production line?
A. Connect the power supply - connect the gas pipe - turn on the power (emergency stop) button - first turn to the manual screen to debug the egg tarts product - turn on the automatic switch - press the start button - put the aluminum cup and filling in the mold hole -Automatic forming-discharging-complete;
B. Mold replacement steps: turn off the power supply, loosen the upper mold screws, remove the power supply of the electric heating ring, and then loosen the three screws on the disc to remove it. Install a new mold and install the upper mold after the disc is installed. Use the manual state to test the thickness of the crust;
C. The intake pressure of the air compressor is 0.6~0.8Mpa (6~8 bar);
D. Before replacing electrical or mechanical parts, the power supply should be turned off, and the emergency stop and power supply should be turned off before replacing the mold;
E. It should be placed on a flat surface, and hands cannot reach into the running parts during operation.

egg tart production line
GELGOOG is your food company spring roll production plan and egg tart recipe consultant, which can provide various equipment for mixing machine, egg tart forming machin, press machine, baking oven etc., as well as various customized solutions. Customized solutions according to your plant size, production plan, market expansion and other needs.


Technical Data

Model GGA303-1
Capacity 1500-1800PCS/H
Voltage 220V,50hz
Diameter of Tart 40-90mm
Size 840*800*1300mm
Weight 130kg



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