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Fruit Washing Waxing Sorting Line Solution Manufacturer

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  • Capacity:500-5000kg/h
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The industrial fruit washing waxing and sorting line is an automatic production line system for processing fruits, which aims to improve the quality, freshness period and market value of fruits. This line often includes multiple handling steps to ensure the fruit remains wholesome, safe and attractive as it travels from the field to the consumer. Gelgoog provides a complete solution, the specific steps are as follows:
Main Steps Of Fruit Washing Waxing And Sorting Line

1. Washing: The fruit enters the preliminary fruit washing and waxing line, which may be a water immersion or spray system, to remove surface dirt, dust and impurities.

2. Waxing : This step aims to protect the appearance of the fruit and prolong the freshness period. Fruit may receive waxing, spraying, or a protective film at this stage to retain humidity and prevent water loss.

3. Sorting: In this step, the fruit washing and sorting line sorts the fruits by size. These devices are commonly used in the food processing industry to ensure product consistency and quality.

4. Packaging: After grading, the fruits are packed into different packages according to their specifications and quality by fruit sorting and packing machine, ready to be shipped to the market. Packaging can be polybags, cartons or other suitable packaging materials.
Advantages of fruit washing, waxing and grading line
Advantages Of Fruit Washing Waxing And Sorting Line
1. Improve product quality: Through the fruit washing and sorting line, the dust, impurities, bacteria and pesticide residues on the fruit surface can be effectively removed, thereby improving the hygiene and safety of the fruit. At the same time, size grading can ensure the consistency of products in the market and improve customer satisfaction.
2. Extend the freshness period: Waxing can form a protective film to help slow down the water evaporation and oxidation of the fruit, thereby extending the freshness period of the fruit. This helps reduce wastage and damage during shipping.
3. Improve market competitiveness: fruit washing and waxing line can make the appearance of fruit brighter and increase attractiveness, thereby improving the competitiveness of products in the market. Neat and consistent fruit appearance is easier to attract consumers and increase sales opportunities.
4. Saving manpower and cost: The automatic fruit washing and sorting line can reduce manual intervention and reduce labor cost. In addition, by forming a protective film on the surface of the fruit, losses and waste can be reduced, thereby reducing overall costs.
5. Customizability: These production lines can usually be customized according to different types of fruits and production needs. Parameters for washing, waxing and size grading can be adjusted to suit different fruit varieties and sizes.

The goal of the entire industrial fruit washing waxing and sorting line is to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, ensure fruit safety and hygiene standards, and at the same time provide high-quality products to consumers. These automated systems play an important role in the agriculture and food processing industries, helping to meet market demands and reduce food waste.
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Technical Data

Name Dimensions Voltage Yield
Flat Roller BrushWashing Machine 2450mmx920mmx1 100mm 380V/50HZ 1-2Ton/H
2450mmx 1220mmx1100mm 2-3Ton/H
2450mmx 1420mmx1100mm 3-5Ton/H
Air Drying Machine 5900mmx920mmx2000mm 380V/51HZ 1-2Ton/H
5900mmx 1220mmx2000mm 2-3Ton/H
5900mmx1420mmx2000mm 3-5Ton/H
Waxing Machine 2450mmx920mmx1100mm 380V/52HZ 1-2Ton/H
2450mmx1220mmx1 100mm 2-3Ton/H
2450mmx 1420mmx1100mm 3-5Ton/H
Hot Air Dying Machine 7900mmx 1000mmx2200mm 380V/53HZ 1-2Ton/H
7900mmx1300mmx2200mm 2-3Ton/H
7900mmx1500mmx2200mm 3-5Ton/H
Grading 4020mmx 1680mmx980mm 380V/54HZ 1-2TonH
4020mmx 1980mmx980mm 2-3Ton/H
4020mmx2180mmx980mm 3-5Ton/H



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