Cassava Starch|Manioc|Tapoica Starch Machine

Material: Cassava,potato,sweet potato

Capacity: 500kg,1ton,2tons/h,can be customized

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This is multi-purpose cassava starch processing plant, with advanced design,high-intensity roller of rasper,high-speed rotation,perfect for making cassava starch or potato starch.

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1 Cassava receiving, transporting and cleaning machine

Store the cassava in storage pool. Then the de-stone machine will remove the dirt and other foreign matters completely. Finally, store the clean cassava in a temporary storage hopper.

2 Cassava rasping machine
The rasping unit is the most important part of cassava starch extraction. Rasping mill with high efficiency allows the starch granules in the cassava cells to be released out completely, which ensures minimum quantity of the remaining starch in the cassava residue. The rasping cassava slurry is pumped into de-sanding unit by a fiber pump.

  Cassava cleaning machineCassava rasping machine

3 De-sanding machine
Rasping cassava slurry is pumped through the fiber pump into the de-sanding cyclone. When the slurry enters de-sanding cyclone, the light phase of starch and cassava residue come out of the top as overflow, and the heavy phase like sands will be discharged from the bottom.

4 Starch extracting machine
Centrifugal extraction is another key unit which influences the cassava starch yields. The cassava slurry enters the first stage centrifugal sieve from de-sanding cyclone, the slurry is separated into starch slurry and cassava residue under the centrifugal force. Starch slurry is pumped through the de-foaming pump to the hydro-cyclone station for washing starch, and the cassava residue is sent to second and third grade centrifugal sieves through fiber pump for starch recovery.

cassava de-sanding machinecassava starch extracting machine

5 Cassava de-watering and drying machine
We use a centrifugal sieve for cassava residue dewatering, it works like the extraction sieve. Finally, cassava residue is transported out of the workshop, the extracted water return to the process water system.

de-watering machinecassava drying machine

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Cassava Starch Production plant with capacity 500kg/h
  Name Model Qty Note
1 Cage model cleaning machine GG-4000*800 1 3kw,carbon steel material
2 Automatical feeding model cleaning machine GG-500*3700 1 3KW,carbon steel material
3 Hammer Crusher GG-520C 1 18.5kw,carbon steel material
Capacity: 3-4t/h (cassava)
4 Cylinder separating machine GG-450B 3 4kw*3=12kw,carbon steel material  
5 Litter cleaning machine GG-CX-4 1 2.2kw,stainless steel     
6 Conveyor GG-380*4000   2 2.2KW,carbon steel material
7 Rotation flowing model separating machine GG-1 1 35KW,carbon steel material
8 Vacuum Dewatering machine GG-TS-C 1 15KW filtering area: 12 m2
9 Drying machine GG-B 1 25KW,carbon steel material 
Coal consuming:30kg/h 

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