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Industrial Mango Banana Fruit Dehydrated Dryer Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:can be customized
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Industrial mango dehydrated dryer machine adopts a special high-volume axial flow fan to work independently. This mango drying machine can be used to process dried mango, banana, potato, kiwi, berries, apple, mushroom, moringa leaf, ginger/garlic slices. onion flakes, noodles, okra, dates, etc

industrial mango drying machine

Drying Process of industrial mango drying machine
Put the processed mango raw materials evenly on the drying rack (drain the water first for color protection), and put it into the heat pump mango drying machine room to dry.
Set the first stage to 55°C, heat up, and dry for 3 hours. Set 60°C in the second stage and start to dehumidify. The third stage is set to 62°C, continuously dehumidifying. Set the fourth stage to 58℃ and start
Cool down and dehumidify. The last stage is set to 55°C to remove moisture and consolidate.
The drying system composed of two 12P hosts can process 2.5 tons of fresh mango slices per batch, and it takes 24 hours to complete a batch of drying.
fruit mango drying machine
Features of fruit mango dryer dehydrator:
1. The whole box adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the hot air box circulates, which is energy-saving and high-efficiency.
2. The use of built-in high temperature resistant circulating fan greatly reduces heat loss and strengthens heat transfer.
3. There is an adjustable air equalizing plate in the box, which can adjust the opening up and down to make the temperature in the box up and down evenly.
4. The thickness of the insulation layer is 80mm, and the material is white ultra-fine glass wool, which meets GMP standards and has low heat loss.


Any interest in drying mango dehydrator, please feel free to contact GELGOOG: Email [email protected] WhatsApp +8618537181190

Technical Data

Model HX1-1 HX2-2 HX2-4 HX3-6 HX4-8
Qty of dryer 1 2 4 6 8
Qty of drying tray 24 48 96 144 192
Circulating fan 1 1 2 3 4
hydrofuge fan 1 1 1 1 2
Power 12 18 30 48 60
Dimension(meters) 1.6x1.2x2.35 2.5x1.2x2.35 2.5x2.2x2.35 3.5x2.2x2.35 4.8x2.2x2.35
Net weight( 470 760 1000 1650 2000
Packing dimension(meters) 1.72x1.36x2.26 2.63x1.36x2.26 2.63x2.26x2.26 3.63x2.26x2.26 4.93x2.26x2.26
Packing weight 520 830 1100 1800 2150
Capacity(kg) 72 144 288 432 576



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