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Industrial Falafel Frying Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:200-900kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Industrial Falafel Frying Machine or fried chickpea patties machine is a kind of continuous frying machine, which is designed with the double-layer mesh belt structure that can meet the requirements of the previous sinking and the late-floating products, and is suitable for the product's frying process.
industrial falafel frying equipment
The commercial falafel frying equipment can be equipped with automatic oil replenishment function, or it can be equipped with automatic filtration or vacuum filtration equipment to solve the online filtration problem, effectively improve the quality of the fried oil and reduce the trouble of frequent cleaning.
Introduction of Industrial Falafel Frying Equipment:
⚪ The continous fried falafrl fryer machine adopts a flat-shaped heating tube, which is placed on the upper part of the scraping mesh belt and transports the lower part of the mesh belt, so that heating in the middle of the oil can completely avoid the occurrence of fire.
⚪ Play a safety insurance role, fried pig skin fry continuous pig skin frying machine Yifu pig skin frying production line conveyor network using new plate conveyor belt, to facilitate cleaning as a guideline to ensure food quality.


Applicaiton of industrial falafel frying machine
GELGOOG industrial falafel frying machine can be used to process all kind of fried food, like meatballs, potato chips, french fries, banana chips, pork skin, fish skin, coatd peanuts, broad beans, twisted dough, pancake, spring roll, curry corner, samosa, chin chin, kuli kuli etc

commercial gas fryer machine for sale

The falafel frying temperature can be adjustable according to users’ demands. The machine is automatic frying,stirring and discharging, can be designed with oil and water separating system. The whole falafel frying machine is made of SUS 304 material. GELGOOG has established itself as a trusted provider of quality products and attracted lots of customers all over the world.


Technical Data

Model Heating type Power Size(MM) Weight
Oil Consumption
GGZLD3500 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 0.75KW
3700*1400*2300 800 200 800L  
GGZLQ3500 Gas Delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 0.75KW
3700*1700*2300 1200 200 1200L 23m³
GGZLD4000 Electricity Delivery:1.5KW
4200*1400*2300 1000 300 950L  
GGZLQ4000 Gas delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 0.75KW
4200*1700*2300 1400 300 1420L 23m³
GGZLD5000 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
5200*1400*2300 1200 500 1230L  
GGZLQ5000 Gas delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
5200*1700*2300 1600 500 1850L 34m³
GGZLD6000 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
6200*1400*2300 1400 800 1520L  
GGZLQ6000 Gas delivery:2.2KW
6200*1700*2300 1800 800 2280L 45m³
GGZLD7000 Electricity delivery:2.2KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
7200*1400*2300 1600 900 1810L  
GGZLQ7000 Gas delivery:2.2KW
Elevator: 1.5KW
7200*1700*2300 2200 900 2700L 45m³



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