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Delegation of Entrepreneurs Alliance Visiting GELGOOG Company

On May 27th, a delegation of 15 representatives from the Entrepreneur Union of Henan Agricultural University came to GELGOOG Company for a visit. The company expressed a warm welcome to the delegation.
visiting gelgoog company
The Entrepreneur Union of Henan Agricultural University is mainly composed of successive entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses after graduating from Henan Agricultural University. As entrepreneurs who graduated from the agricultural industry, the enterprise is mainly active in the production of agricultural products, food production and other fields related to agricultural products. With the rapid development of the economy and people’s life patterns, agricultural and food production companies are paying more and more attention to the boosting effects that automated and intelligent production and processing equipment can bring to enterprises, and the products of the GELGOOG-HAKINLE brand, It can perfectly solve the demand for automation and intelligence from agricultural products to food production in some categories.
Delegation of Agricultural University Entrepreneurs Union
On behalf of the company, Michael, the general manager of the bakery business department, introduced to the delegation the development history, business scope, company's current achievements and future development direction of GELGOOG Company. The members of the alliance affirmed GELGOOG's achievements in the past ten years and expressed their appreciation to the delegation. GELGOOG Company always keeps the original intention of making food production simpler and safer.
Henan, as a large food province and a large population province in the central region, the food production and processing industry will be a focus of future development. From basic agricultural products processing to a variety of foods with a certain value-added, it can provide more employment opportunities for the rural population. It will create more economic value for farmers' income.
Alliance members offer ideas and suggestions to each other
The chairman of the alliance Zhang Ji summarized and summarized the development path of alumni enterprises and the organizational structure adjustments needed to solve the current problems. For future development needs, the alliance can provide support to enterprises by connecting with school experts and external government and enterprise resources. At the same time, corresponding industrial parks can be created according to the regional characteristics and planning of agricultural products in towns and towns, from agricultural product production companies to agricultural product processing companies to industrial clusters, forming a joint effort to jointly develop beautiful villages and increase production and income for farmers and the local economy. The alliance enterprises never forget the social responsibilities they need to bear while developing themselves, which coincides with the development philosophy of GELGOOG Company.
The delegation visited GELGOOG factory
The arrival of the delegation of representatives of the Entrepreneur Union of Henan Agricultural University not only promotes the in-depth cooperation between GELGOOG Company and Entrepreneurs Union, but also further enhances the company’s corporate strength and reputation in the food processing field, and realizes the alliance between the enterprise and the enterprise alliance. Mutual integration and optimal allocation of resources between the two countries, give play to each other’s advantages, and jointly contribute to the development of the food processing industry and social economy.

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