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Fruit Vegetable Bubble Type Washing Drying Line GELGOOG Machinery

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:can be customized
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This fruit and vegetable washing processing line is consisted of conveyor, bubble type washing cleaning machine and air dryer. All machines are with 304 Stainless steel. The full set of processing line can process apple, orange, kiwi, grape, blueberry, strawberry, pepper, leafy vegetable etc.

bubble type vegetable washing machine
------The fruit vegetable washing machine can be used to process apple, berries (like blueberry, strawberry), citrus, navel orange, mango, brocolli, jackfruit, leafy vegetable, mushroom, bean sprout, spinach, tomato, etc. to make the fruit and vegetable look clean and bright. The clean water filtered through the activated carbon can be recycling used and this machine can save 80% water. Besides, it is easy operation, low energy consumption, health, safety and high efficiency.
fruit vegetable washing line
------Fruits and Vegetable Drying machine: After washing, the fruit or vegetable is conveyored into the drying machine. It is a new type of high-performance equipment with high production efficiency, good quality and reliable operation, saving energy and reducing costs.
fruit vegetable washing plant
This fruit vegetable air drying machine can be a large number of continuous production, and to maximize the retention of the nutritional content of products and color. The drying area, temperature and net belt operation speed can be adjusted to meet the characteristics of vegetables and quality requirements. According to the characteristics of vegetables, this machine can be equipped with other necessary supporting equipment.
As a manufacturer of bubble type fruit and vegetable washing machines, GELGOOG machinery has provided high quality blueberry washing machines for many years. And the multi-purpose blueberry washer can also help handle other fruits and vegetables.


About price Fruit & Vegetable Washing Line:
GELGOOG Machinery can offer customized solutions accordingly. The specific price depends on the customer's customized equipment requirements and material usage. For details, please contact our customer service: Email [email protected] or WhatsApp/Phone: +8618537181190. We will provide you with an accurate quotation as soon as possible.

Technical Data

Machine Specification
Bubble type washing machine
Dimension: 5000*1200*1400mm (L*W*H)
Material: SUS304
Power: 6.6kw
Fruit vegetable drying machine
Dimension: 4000*1100*1400mm



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