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How to Make Cocoa Powder From Cocoa Beans?

Cocoa beans are the product of cocoa trees, which can be ground into cocoa powder for food processing industry. Cocoa powder is rich in carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamin B.
After the cocoa beans are delivered to the factory, they are first sampled, such as key ingredients and flavors. Then, according to the product formulation requirements, mix the varieties or different cocoa beans, this process will determine the characteristic taste and flavor of each chocolate product, such as the body aroma that African cocoa beans can bring to chocolate, America and Asia. Cocoa beans can give chocolate a more refined aroma. The stones, dirt and sand in the cocoa beans are washed first and then dried quickly, which makes it easier to grind the cocoa beans and remove the outer shell, leaving only the core.
How to make cocoa powder from cocoa beans?
The main production process of making cocoa powder: Cocoa beans roasting - peeling & crushing (cocoa nibs) - Grinding(into cocoa liquor) - oil pressing - powder girnding.
how to make cocoa powder from cocoa beans?

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Introduction of Cocoa Powder Processing Plant

※ Cocoa beans roasting machine: The roasting of cocoa beans is very important. The picked cocoa beans need to be dried and dehydrated before they can be processed and stored. Its role is to enhance and perfect the aroma of cocoa beans, so that the material produces a bright luster. The starch in the cells is turned into soluble particles, which makes the shell skin brittle and easy to remove. Remove the moisture in the beans and change some of the chemical composition of the beans to make the material more malleable. Based on our application experience, we can consider using a cocoa bean dryer based on air energy technology to make the drying temperature and drying quality of cocoa beans more controllable.

※ Cocoa Beans Peeling & Crushing:
The roasted cocoa is chopped into granules, and at the same time the split shell, germ and bean are separated. This processing is done in a sifter. The principle of the sieving screen is to use the different relative densities of the materials, and use the airflow to separate them during the movement of the objects.
※ Cocoa Refining or grinding: 
Cocoa beans are finely ground in stages. In the first stage, the cocoa beans are separately ground into a sauce, which is the initial grinding. In the second stage, the fineness required for the cocoa butter and other materials to be ground to the chocolate is called fine grinding. Practice has shown that the larger granules of the bean meat are first ground, and the dry matter plasmid can be ground to 50-120 um, and fine grinding can shorten the refining time and obtain a larger proportion of micro-materials.
※ Oil press from cocoa liquid:
Cocoa liquid block is an important raw material for the production of chocolate. The cocoa mass can be obtained by pressing to obtain cocoa butter and cocoa cake, and the cocoa cake is an essential raw material for processing into various cocoa powders.
※ Powder grinding from cocoa cake
The cocoa powder grinder machine uses the relative motion between the movable toothed disc and the fixed toothed disc to pulverize the pulverized material through the combined action of tooth impact, friction and material impact. The structure of the machine is simple, firm, stable, and the pulverizing effect is good.
cocoa powder processing line
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Tips: Classification of cocoa powder:
Cocoa powder is divided into high fat cocoa powder, medium fat cocoa powder and low fat cocoa powder according to the content of cocoa butter. In the national standard, the cocoa butter content of high-fat cocoa powder is ≥20.0%, the cocoa butter content of medium-fat cocoa powder is 14.0%-20.0% (excluding 20.0%), and the cocoa butter content of low-fat cocoa powder is 10.0%-14.0% ( Excluding 14.0%). The high-fat cocoa powder mentioned in the industry has a cocoa butter content of 20.0%-24.0%, a cocoa butter content of a medium-fat cocoa powder of 10.0%-12.0%, and a cocoa butter content of a low-fat cocoa powder of 8%.

Video of processing cocoa powder: