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High Speed Bakery Cake Industrial Factory Machine Plant

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Bakery cake factory machine is complete set of machines whith can make cakes with different shapes and sizes. Using advanced technologies and controlled by computer programs, the system is widely welcome among bakery food producers which can make shaped-cakes, muffins, twinkies, Tiramisu, cupcakes, sponge cake, madeleine cake, nagasaki cake, plum-cake etc, saving energy and are dependable and controlled single or combined.
cake factory machine price
The cake factory machine line has a complete range of product specifications and the output can be cutomized, suitable for different customer requirements. Basically, it can finish 276 baking plates one hour.(one minute 4.6 plates and 13 seconds for one plate)
The main process of the cake production line:
Batter mixing→automatic feeding→mould spraying and oiling (paper tray)→grouting→baking→cooling→(injection)→demolding→sterilization→packaging.
Features for cake making machine:
1. can make cakes with different tastes by changing the fillings.
2. can produce various shapes, such as corn, fish, walnuts, etc.
3. can customize kinds of molds according to different needs.
4. health and safety.
5. the operation is simple and convenient, and the production speed can be adjusted.
For cake baking tunnel oven
cakes production line for sale

GELGOOG full automatic cake production line is research and developed on the basis of Europe's advanced equipment ,and colligate with the real condition of individual workshop. The equipments can be combined into a semi-automatic or large-volume production line, you can choose different types of tunnel oven (such as electricity, gas etc).


Technical Data

Capacity 4807pcs/h(cake weight 78g/pc)
  1718pcs/h(cake weight 32g/pc)
Size of baking plate 600*540mm
  24pc cake/plate(cake weight 78g/pc)
  48pc cake/plate(cake weight 32g)
Baking time 12 minutes
Baking temperature 185℃—210℃
Heating type gas/electrical



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