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Semi-automatic Peanut Brittle Forming and Cutting Machine|Peanut Brittle Cube Cutter

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:50-100Kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


You just need put the raw material into the hopper, then the molding machine will finish assignment, pressing, cooling and demolding automatically.The mold size can be ordered by the clients’requirements.The cutting speed can be controlled automatically, the feeding is automatic, and feed cutting is automatic. The peanut brittle can be cut by horizontal and vertical automatically, and the peanut brittle size can be adjusted as the clients'requirement.The finished peanut brittle is smooth and beautiful, neat and tidy, high production efficiency .Both two machines need be matched closely to put into use which is the best choose for processing peanut brittle and sesame brittle products with small capacity.We can customized the two machines according to users’exact demands;The thickness of flatting and size of cutting can be customized within certain scope.Whole process is easy to operate and control and saving energy and labors.
peanut brittle flatting machine
Advantages of the peanut brittle flatting and forming machine:
1.Multifunctional;It is is used for cutting peanut brittle, sesame candy, rice candy.
2.It can work together with peanut brittle flatting machine.
3.High quality and performance;
4.Whole machine is made of SUS 304 material’
5.Cutting and forming plates of machine can be customized;
6.Manual control and easy to operate;
7.The cutting blades are made of high quality material which not easy to wear-out;
8.Non-sticky flatting roller and cutting blades;
9.Both two machines are easy to operate and clean.
10.Applied widely and High performance.

Technical Data

Peanut Brittle Flatting and Forming Machine
Model GGFK Power 1.5KW
Dimension 1880*1110*1160mm Weight 150Kg
Peanut Brittle Cutting Machine
Model GGBC-500 Power 1.1Kw
Capacity 50-100Kg/h Dimension 3200*600*1000mm



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