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Bakery Biscuit & Cake Oil Spraying Machine Factory Use For Sale

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Automatic oil spraying machine is designed with microcomputer control system, the machine can spray all kinds of baking trays. The big touch screen can adjust each space between molds (on the baking stray) and the mold quantity in each row. The amount of oil for 30g cakes should be controlled within 0.2-0.6g/piece.
automatic oil spraying machine
According to the mold size, the oil quantity can be adjusted by computer, and also the tray’s transfer speed can be easily adjusted. This machine can match with the cake grouting machine and tunnel oven, and compose a set of automatic cake processing line or biscuit production line

Oil spraying machin working process: Spray the mold release oil (olive oil, butter, salad oil, etc.) evenly on the inner wall of the baking tray cake cup, so that the baked cake can be quickly released from the mold and overcome the phenomenon of cake sticking.
After spraying oil in the cake cup of the bakeware, it is good for the cake to be demoulded, and the amount of oil spraying should not be too much. Too much oil will affect the taste of the cake, increase the cost of the cake, and is not conducive to the rise of the cake. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the complete demoulding of the cake, the amount of demoulding oil should be minimized, and the amount of oil for 30g cakes should be controlled within 0.2-0.6g/piece
biscuit oil spraying machine
Main Features of automatic oil spraying machine for bakery:
1. PLC control system , Convenient and Quick Operation
2. Spray evenly, Only with vegetable Oil, No need depanning oil, easy to fall off.
3. Advanced Intl technology designed Nozzle, without atomization and Durable
4. Advanced converter technique for transmit motor, can save energy and high efficient.
Compared with the foreign sprayer, the biggest advantage of this machine is Only use vegetable oil is ok, and don’t need depanning oil, so can save cost. And also each stray after sprayed was not stained with oil, so improve the working efficient.
With the advanced Intl technology designed Nozzle, the biscuit cake oil spraying machine can work long time and without atomization, same function with foreign Sprayer. The transmit motor adopts advanced converter technique, both energy saving and high efficient.

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