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How to Automatically Make French Fries? French Fries Manufacturing Process

What is the manufacturing process of french fries? From raw material (fresh potato) to the finished french fries, there is a complete set of machinery. The manufacturing process of french fries is:
Potato washing peeling - picking - cutting - removing impurity - rinsing - blanching - dewatering - cooling - frying - deoiling - wind cooling - freezing - packaging
GELGOOG offer Automatic French Fries Production Line and Semi-automatic French Fries Production Line.

automatic frozen french fries production line

Following is the introduction of the frozen french fries produciton line:
1. Potato Washing Peeling Machine
This elevator will take the potato to pre washing machine to wash and remove the mud on the surface. The electric is using Schneider, and the Frequency Converter is from Japanese Mitsubishi. Motor working speed is adjustable. By Elevator, the potato will come into the Pre-washing Machine, by brush roller and water spraying to remove the mud on the surface of potato
2. Sorting Conveyor
After potato peeled, the potato will come into the sorting conveyor. Then can sort the unqualified potato,potato is not peeled well.If the the potato is not peeled well,then process it. The conveyor is made of PVC Superior Food Standard Conveyor, healthy and safe,meet food requirement. All plate made of Stainless Steel 304, the motor are speed adjustable,conveyor working is adjustable.Dimension of 5000*1000*950mm, bearing seat are FL206 Stainless Steel bearing seat.Seat made of Stainless Steel 304,height is adjustable.
3. French Fries Cutting Machine
After sorted well, qualified potatoes will be put into the cutting machine. It can cut continuous, and the size of the finished french fries can be customized.
4.Impurity Removing Machine
After the potato chips finished cutting, elevator will send potato chips to the Impurity Removing Machine. To adjust the distance between rollers, general it is 4mm soft brush roller. Potato chips will go down under working of brush roller. If the size of potato chips is less than 4mm, it will leave out. There is one material receiving tank. Thus it can get the effect of sorting. Brush roller material is food standard nylon yarn.
5. Rinsing Machine
After the potato chips coming from the Impurity Removing Machine, the qualified potato chips will drop the Rinsing machine directly. By bubble Agitator Wave Wash, the potato chips will be in roll state, thus it can remove the starch on the surface of potato chips.It also with second water spraying function. All bubble produce device are with speed adjustable.All mesh are with size of 5mm.Width of belt is 800mm
frozen french fries processing line
6. Blanching Machine
After rinsed , potato chips will coming into blanching machine, this blanching machine is adopts with electricity heating. Water temperature is controlled, all material are made of stainless steel 304, all bearings are Stainless steel 304, and stainless steel 304 bearing seat.
7. Vibrating De-watering Machine
After blanched, potato chips will be sent to Vibrating De-watering Machine, with frequency vibrate to remove the water on the surface.This machine is made of Stainless Steel 304,thickness of 3mm. Superior stainless steel 304 tube,vibrate motor of 0.25kw,amplitude is adjustable. Working Principle:under high frequency vibrating, the water on the surface on potato chips, then the potato chips will come into the air de-water machine under vibrating.
8. Air De-watering Machine
After Vibrating dewatering machine, the potato chips will coming into the air de-watering machine, thus the water will remove completely. This air dewater line is made of Stainless Steel 304, frequency control motor speed,mesh type to be six turn one flat, width of belt is 1200mm. total 16 pcs of fan, power of each fan is 750W. The air intake vent is with high-density filter system.The bearing are made of superior stainless steel, height of fan is adjustable.
9. French Fries Frying machine
This machine is made of pure oil process technology, it is with dynamic filting system, it can filt and discharge the residue automatically to make sure the qulity of the oil. All made of Stainless Steel 304, Power of 2.2kw frequency control speed motor, three parts to control temperature, mesh conveyor width of 1200m ,with elevator function automatically. It will be easier to clean. It is with double layer mesh conveyor, upper and down conveyor all frequency control, oil temperature is adjustable from normal temperature to 300 centigrade. 

10. De-oiling machine
This de-oiling machine is used to remove the oil after frying to avoid excessive oil content. De-oiling potato chips can not only to improve the taste of french fries, but also make it more nutritious.

frozen french fries processing plant
GELGOOG also equip the flavouring and packaging machine for you. The french fries equipment of the seasoning program is very simple and convenient, fried potato chips into the drum seasoning machine, with the drum rolling, and to achieve the purpose of turning potato chips, so that potato seasoning more uniform. While for packaging, it usually uses nitrogen packaging, which is a good way to avoid potato chips rupture. Any interest, please contact us Email [email protected] or WhatsApp +8618537181190