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Sesame Bar Making Machine|Sesame Candy Rajgira Chikki Production Line

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-500kg/h,can be customized
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


Introduction:The sesame candy bar making machine is first choice for sesame crisp flake slice forming machine by using two- press and one cut for sesame crisp flake with features of stable performance, reasonable structure, being easy to operate and easy to maintain. The complete sesame candy production line consists of the seame roaster machine, sugar cooking pot, mixer, sesame candy bar forming cutting machine and the sesame candy packaging machine.
sesame candy making machine line
No.1 Sesame Roasting Machine|Peanut Baking And Drying Machine
Multi-purpose roasting machine is mainly used for peanut, peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, eat beans, coffee beans, seeds and other granular materials, baking or drying.
No.2 Sugar Cooking Pot | Sugar Melting Pan: The machine can automatic heat,stirring and titling controlled by electric motors;
Whole machine is made of SUS 304 material; The heating temperature can be set among 0~300℃ and the machine can control the heating temperature automatically depending on the set point.
sugar cooking machine
No.3 Temperature Control Nonstick Mixer|Crisp Egg Cakes Processing Machine
Temperature Control Nonstick Mixer adopts far-infrared plate heat, heat uniform, fluoride nitrogen-treated barrel surface besmear not touch thrun coating, mixing the effect is much better.
No.4 Sesame Brittle Molding And Cutting Machine|Sesame Candy Cutter.
Automatic molding production line is mainly used for peanut brittle,sesame candy etc food processing. It is special designed for mixing sticky materials which is made of SUS304 material.
Advantages of sesame candy making machine:
1. High quality, machine is made of stainless steel 304, conform food safety requirement.
2. Working process is simple, only consist of mixing machine, molding and cutting machine. Of course if need other machine, like sugar pot, pillow packing machine, we can supply. 
3. Mixing machine is nonstick barrel wall, stir uniform, non-stick pot
4. Machines working is automatic. Between molding machine and cutting machine, there will be conveyor, making processing more easier, easy to operate.
5. Products size can be adjustable. Our machine can customize tray groove and cutter distance to control product size. 
6. Automatic control reciprocation, flattened uniformly smooth. Automatic dicer, one time molding, product size, weight keep same.
7. Elegant and beautiful performance, compact structure and durable. 

Technical Data

No. Equipment Name Output Power
1 Sesame Roaster 200kg/h 24 2700*1260*1550 1
2 Automatic Sugar Cooking Pot 100L 15 1200*1000*800 1
3 Temperature Control Mixer 3-8kg/time 4.1 680*500*800 1
4 Automatic Forming Machine 200-300kg/h 2.2 3800*1000*1600 1
5 Automatic Packing Machine 50-250bag/min 2.5 4000*950*1450 1



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