Automatic Rice Vermicelli Noodle Machine|Sevai Processing Machine

Material: rice

Capacity: 20-400kg/h,can be customized

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Rice noodle machine is mainly used to make noodles from rice.This machine can automatically finish adding oil,molding,steaming,cutting,which is an ideal machine for local flavor snack.Using direct thermal heating,heating up fast,low

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Features of GELGOOG Rice Vermicelli NoodleMachine:
◆ The finished rice noodle is chewy, smooth taste, with rich nutriention.
◆ The machine is with advanced design, compact structure and small floor space.
◆ The production process is simple and quick, one-step molding.
◆ Fast production, high yield, more models, the scale of investment can be large or small, for individual, township and urban food processing plants.
◆ Rice noodle production is diversity, one machine can produce rice noodles, vermicelli, rice cakes, corn noodles, all kinds of grains fans, color noodles and sweet potatoes, corn, soybeans and other raw materials, the thickness and other specifications can be adjusted according to need.


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Model GG-30 GG-60 GG-250 GG-300 GG-350 GG-400
Voltage 220V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Power 3KW 5.5KW 15KW 18KW 19KW 23KW
Capacity 20-30kg/H 60KG/H 250KG/H 300Kg/H 350Kg/H 400Kg/H
Rotate Speed 60 R/Min 60 R/Min 60 R/Min 60 R/Min 60 R/Min 60 R/Min

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