Automatic Pho Rice Noodles Machine|Ho Fun Shahe Fen Noodle Machine

Material: rice

Capacity: 60-250kg/h,can be customized

Loading Port: Qingdao Port


Rice noodles machine is mainly used to make noodles from rice.This machine can automatically finish adding oil,molding,steaming,cutting,which is an ideal machine for local flavor snack.

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Automatic rice noodles machine (Ho Fun Noodles, Shahe Fen) is mainly used to make noodles from rice. This machine can automatically finish adding oil, molding, steaming, cutting, which is an ideal machine for local flavor snack. Using direct thermal heating, heating up fast, low fuel consumption than ordinary rice noodle machine saving more than 40%.
rice pho noodle machine price
Advertage of the rice pho making machine:
1.The automatic rice noodles making machine makes the roller can press the best quality flour slice, at the same time ensure a longer service life.
2. Worm gear pairs are equipped between the rollers, it will be more easy in operation, high precision and efficiency.
3.Pressing process controlled by the frequency control and the rollers can run independently.
rice noodle automatic machine
The automatic rice noodle making machine is a new technology noodle making production line. The rice noodles machine saves labor and saves time, easy to operate, with high-output and high-efficiency. The price is reliable quality,nice-appearance and reasonable design.

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rice vermicelli machine


Model GGMF-300 GGMF-300D GGMF-400 GGMF-400D GGMF-500 GGMF-600
Voltage 380V 50HZ Three-phase power
power 12KW+600W 18KW+600W 16KW+600W 20KW+600W 24KW+600W 32KW+600W
Length dimension 2400 3900 3400 4200 4700 5700
Steamer size 1200 2000 2000 2500 3000 4000
Capacity 60KG/H 80KG/H 100KG/H 150KG/H 150KG/H 250KG/H
Mesh belt width 280mm 280mm 390mm 390mm 490mm 600mm
Auxiliary equipment: cutting table 2m, 3m (net belt width 450mm), steam generator

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