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Automatic Spring Roll Wrapper Machine|Injera Chappathi Manufacturing Machine

Introduce of the spring roll wrapper machine:
Spring roll maker it can make spring rolls,curry rind,egg skin and French crepes with different thicknesses and shapes,and can make other flaky foods,suitable for food factories,restaurants,fast food restaurants,etc.
spring roll wrapper machine
Feature of the spring roll making machine:
1,The automatic spring roll machine can automatically complete the process of mixing, forming and outputting air cooling of the dough. It can be combined with the filling machine, frying machine, frying machine, quick-freezing machine and packaging machine. It is suitable for the molding of pasta, roast duck cake, spring roll skin, curry skin, egg dumpling skin and lotus leaf cake. A variety of molds are available to meet customer requirements.
2,The drive device: the use of frequency control to run smoothly, to ensure the speed while ensuring the product's cooked effect.
3,Temperature control device: the use of direct contact temperature detection to ensure the accuracy of temperature, easy to control.
4,Heating department: using natural gas, liquefied gas, electric heating.
5,Natural gas heating advantages: economical energy saving, easy to move, easy to install;
6,Electric heating advantages: accurate temperature, rapid temperature rise, high utilization, safe and convenient, easy to maintain (according to customer requirements):
(1)Self-count number and continuous pressure surface conversion.
(2)Photoelectric control counting and automatic dusting.
(3)Use the eccentric wheel to adjust the thickness of the output belt.
(4)Can set the automatic shutdown time.
(5)Double safety protection to ensure safe operation.