Automatic Ice Cream Cones Production Line

By:Katherine     Date:2019-07-05

About the ice cream cones production line
The fully automatic ice cream cone production line is a new automatic egg cone machine on the market.Its main function is quantitative automatic cutting,fast production speed,small size and extremely simple operation.It has the characteristics of convenient cleaning,beautiful appearance,practicality and sanitation,and is an ideal model for investment in the market..Mainly suitable for snack foods,bakery,food factory.
The automatic egg cone machine can automatically inject raw materials into the stencil, and automatically quantify and automatically clamp the mold.The amount of raw material injected can be flexibly adjusted according to product requirements,the injection amount is stable,and the egg cake is even and thin.The egg cone machine is automatically temperature controlled,automatic feeding,single-mode version temperature control,simple operation,suitable for large,medium and small food factories.There are a variety of stencil patterns,and different stencil patterns can be customized for customers.The output of different types of egg-tube machines is different.At present,the output range of our machines is 3500-8000.
automatic ice cream cones production line
Feature of the sugar cones making line:
• Advanced technology:The production line of the ice cream cones is well-equipped. There are only a handful of products in the country.The main material of the body is stainless steel,which is easy to clean and convenient for hygiene.
• Safe production:Press the button to control the production process of the cone,reduce labor resources,and one person can finish it.
• Flexible production:The temperature is adjustable,the temperature of the upper and lower molds of the drum mold can be adjusted according to different formulas,and different sizes of molds can be designed according to the needs of different customers.
• Indication Reminder:Built-in automatic alarm device for the egg tube production line machine,peripheral power indicator and core temperature warning light.
• Emergency plan:The machine is equipped with an emergency stop key,as soon as you press it,stop working.

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