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How Much Cost For Setting Up a Bakery Cake Making Factory?

Bakary cake products are very popular snack foods among consumers. Building a cake processing factory is a great investment direction. How much cost for setting up a bakery cake making factory? Today we will explain in details.
Firstly, it's necessary to know the produduction process of making bakery cakes.  The main process of the cake production line: Raw material mixing → automatic feeding → grouting forming → automatic pan machine (spraying oil) → cake baking → cake demoulding → sterilization → cake packaging.
Which kind of machine is good for making bakery cakes?  Quickly replace the leading position of biscuits in the snack food market with delicious, nutritious and hygienic products. After more than ten years of development, GELGOOG Machinery has developed a fully automatic cake production line.
automatic cake production line
The auaomatic cake production line is practical and powerful, which can produce egg yolk pies, fragrant cakes, ice cream cakes, golden brick cakes and muffins etc, suitable for customers with different requirements. Features of Cake Production Line: The molds can be changed to make different shapes and sizes of cakes. 
The unique grouting design, grouting does not trail, the positioning of the tray is accurate, and the amount of injection is accurately controlled.
We have rich experience in supporting the production line, and tailor the most suitable production line for customers according to customer requirements and actual conditions. Control, clear touch screen, parameter setting operation status, computer storage function of production formula. Use the most advanced technology to complete the traditional food production.
bakery cake production line
Absorbed foreign advanced automated production line experience, combined with domestic actual conditions, independent research and development, production, and sales, compared with foreign advanced equipment, has the advantages of practical, low-cost, and more efficient, energy-saving and affordable than similar domestic products. 
bakery cake production line price
※The cake forming adopts fully automatic program control, which can quickly change product varieties, touch screen operation interface, and parameter settings at a glance.
※ Tunnel ovens include electric ovens, gas direct-fired ovens, gas-fired hot-blast ovens, and gas-fired mixed ovens, with different energy options and different heat conduction methods to meet the requirements of different products.
※Rich experience in supporting production lines, each with different types of automatic/semi-automatic production lines, according to customer requirements and actual conditions, tailor-made the most suitable production line for customers.
cake production line price
GELGOOG offer different capacities of cake production line with different prices, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and overall solutions of pastry, baking and catering automation equipment. Since the establishment of the company, it has adhered to the concept of "everything is user-centric" and provides a central factory for global customers System equipment and system solutions. Zhongli’s product and service concepts have won international users in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Brazil, South Africa and other international users as well as domestic food manufacturers and companies. Highly recognized by the industry, praised by the industry as a high-quality equipment manufacturer.