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Rice Noodles Making Machine|Automatic Rice Noodles Making Machine

The rice noodles making machine body material is 304 edible stainless steel,safe and convenient,easy to clean.And the main raw material is rice,the production steps are adding oil,molding, steaming, cutting.
The featureof the colld rice noodles making machine:
1.Advanced machine technology and reasonable design.Equipped with high-pressure friction, automatic heating,direct heating,circulating cooling and other systems to ensure easy operation, smooth operation,energy saving.
2.The rice noodles and fans produced are clear and clear,long-lasting, long-lasting,and nutritious.The taste is delicious and the quality is stable.
3.The production process is advanced,using a new process of bio-denaturation,the raw materials are extruded and polymerized,ready to be cooked,once formed,without cooking.
4.High degree of automation,instrument monitoring,simple operation,one person can produce,spiral propulsion,automatic maturity,automatic molding.
5.Safety and health,mechanical and electrical integration,fully enclosed structure production,stable performance,production process without pollution,safety and hygiene,in line with national food hygiene standards.
6.High powder yield,you can produce fresh rice flour, but also can produce dried packaging.
7.A multi-purpose machine,rice flour machine is widely used in all starch-containing food crops.The thickness and thickness of each food can be adjusted as needed,and it is truly multi-purpose.
8.Can produce dozens of specifications of products,such as:round,flat,thickness,width,thickness,all shapes can be produced (round,flat), processed food appearance is smooth,thick,wide,narrow and evenly adjustable,tendons Soft and moderate,with soft,soft taste and pure taste.
9.A variety of rice noodles can be fried, can be boiled,can be fried,can be fried, can also be cold or hot pot.