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Vegetable Washing and Packing Line Equipment

Vegetables are an integral part of the daily diet. Vegetables can be cooked on their own, or combined with meat to create dishes, with fruit to create salads and with pasta to create various types of pasta. Vegetables are widely used, nutritious and delicious, but the pre-processing of vegetables harvested from the land not only has yellow leaves, but also a lot of soil, which inevitably has to be washed several times before processing, which has put many people off. The food processing industry sees a business opportunity in this, with large-scale cleaning and processing lines that can make it possible for thousands of households to buy clean vegetables that can be processed directly. The following is an example of leafy vegetables cabbage, to share vegetable cleaning and packaging line equipment.
vegetable washing line
Vegetables washing and packaging line process
Vegetable washing and packaging line process: cut the root, go to the yellow leaves - cut - two cleaning - transport - -Drying - Lifting - Packaging.
Vegetable washing and packaging line equipment
1. Multi-station picking table
Harvested cabbage with roots and yellow leaves. On the multi-station picking table, workers in food overalls manually cut off the cabbage roots, pick out the yellow leaves and place the root-cut cabbage on the conveyor belt.
2. Multifunctional vegetable cutter
The cut cabbage is fed into the multi-purpose chopper in turn, which completes the continuous chopping process in accordance with the set chopping standards.
3. Lifting machine
The cut vegetables are lifted into the vortex washing machine.
4. Vortex washing machine 2 sets
The vortex washer is a flexible washing machine suitable for cleaning cut vegetables, making them clean and avoiding damage to them at the same time. The vortex washer is also equipped with a vibrating draining device. 2 vortex washers allow the vegetables to be washed twice, improving cleanliness.
5. Two-way conveyor belt
The cleaned and drained vegetables pass through a two-way conveyor belt into the vegetable basket. The two-way conveyor, with 2 centrifugal driers, doubles the processing efficiency.
6. 2 centrifugal driers
The basket is placed in the centrifugal dryer with 85% of the vegetables loaded. The water on the surface of the vegetables is dried by the centrifugal principle. This increases the freshness and shelf life of the vegetables.
7. Lifting machine
The dried vegetable strips are poured into the inlet and through the elevator into the packaging, metal detection and labelling process.
8. Shrink wrap packaging machine
Fruit and vegetable heat shrink film packaging machine using rapid heating and cooling technology, can complete the packaging process in a short time. Depending on the product, automatic feeding systems are available as an option to achieve unmanned feeding, and various forms of conveyors ensure that the material does not move or roll over.
The vegetable washing and packaging line equipment developed and designed by our company will be personalised according to the different characteristics of each vegetable and the customer's processing needs, in order to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
If you would like more technical information about our vegetable washing and packaging lines, please feel free to contact our technical engineers and visit our R&D factory.