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Commercial Lumpia Wrapper Spring Roll Sheet Making Machine

lumpia wrapper machine
Commercial Lumpia Wrapper Machine is mainly used to make lumpia wrapper or spring roll sheet or Ethiopian injera. The work site mainly contains shaft lose face, transmission and stuffing, forming three parts. When the machine works, put the dough into the dough bucket and the dough is pushed to the outlet via screw propeller, then form a hollow face tube, the stuffing is pushed into the dough tube at the same time, and through the forming of the forming die roll, then will produce the wrapper.
GELGOOG offer 3 models of lumpia wrapper machines: GG-8045 GG-12060 GG-12060-II, capacity range from 3500 pcs/h to 15000pcs/h.
Features of Injera Wrapper Spring Roll Making Machine:
The thickness of the dough skin and the quality of the stuffing can be adjusted. Its material is Stainless steel. Lose face and molded parts use Teflon anti-adhesion technology, small resistance, good shape, easy to clean. The lumpia wrapper machine can be customized according to the requirements of the users.
commercial lumpia wrapper machine