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Dual Plantain and Potato Chips Production Machine

Dual Plantain and Potato Chips Production Machine can be used to process both plantain chips and potato chips, and also sweet potato chips and cassava chips. GELGOOG offers capacites from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h. The process of plantain and potato chips production line: Lifting → cleaning peeling (for plantain, it's only peeling) → slicing or cutting → rinsing → blanching →dehydration → frying → deoiling → seasoning→ conveying→packaging. (If you need to make quick-frozen French fries plus quick-freezing machine)
potato plantain chips machine
1. Cleaning and peeling machine: The use of gold steel sand lining cleaning peeling machine or brush cleaning washing machine can complete the cleaning and peeling work at the same time. High efficiency and low loss. For plantain, GELGOOG offers specially made Plantain peeling machine.
2, Chips slice cutting machine: Both slice and cut. The thickness of the finished slices can be adjusted.
3. Drifting machine: The rinsing and color protection will be performed on the sliced ​​potato chips.
4. Dehydrator: Dewatering with centrifugal force. Dehydration before frying can greatly shorten the frying time and improve the taste of potato chips. Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
5, Oil and water mixing fryer: This frying equipment. Due to the different proportions of water and oil, the water is on the bottom, and the oil is fried on the upper layer by hot chips. The residue is directly deposited in the water. The oil does not emit black smoke, which greatly prolongs the life cycle of the oil and causes the cost to drop significantly. The precise control of the oil temperature guarantees the quality and taste of the potato chips. After the work is completed, the water is released and the residue flows out with the water.
6. De-oiler: Centrifugal deoiler will deoil the freshly fried potato chips (bars) to overcome the defects of high oil content and greasy mouthfeel. Improves the taste of chips (bars).
7. Automatic seasoning machine: The drum type seasoning machine is made of stainless steel. The potato chips (strips) are uniformly turned during the rotation of the drum and the seasoning is sprayed or sprayed. Seasoning evenly and unbreakable.
8, Nitrogen filling packaging machine: When packaging, in the packaging bag filled with nitrogen, can effectively prevent the potato chips (strip) crushed, extend the shelf life. Inflate, pack, and code one time.
chips machine plant