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Peeling Cocoa Beans Machine Best Price

This cocoa beans peeing machine consists of Peeling Roller, Fan, gravity sorting machine, the construction easy to operate, stable perfomance and safety in use, with capacity 400kg/h
Principle of cocoa beans peeling machine: First feed the cocoa bean into hopper, uniquie to feed, grinding and peeling the cocoa bean by peeler roller, then suck the skin into the Cyclone to storage, after peeled, the coconut bean discharge. Through adjust the wind power, the size of the interval, then it can separate the skin and bean.
cocoa beans peeler
Advantages Of Cocoa Beans Skin Peeling Machine:
1, High peeling rate is high and can up to 90% .
2, This machine has the function of reasonable structure,high efficiency,save energy,easy to operation and so on.
3, The peeled peanut is beauty,low materials consumption,It is an ideal equipment for industrial food processing.
peeled cocoa beans machine
Cocoa beans peeling machine is often combined in use with cocoa beans roaster. If you have interest in cocoa peeler machine, please feel free to contact us for quotation with all details and price at Email [email protected] or WhatsApp/IMO/Wechat0086-18537181190