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Iranian Customer Visiting Chicken Leg Skin Peeler Machine|Chicken Feet Processing Machine

Iranish customer visited GELGOOG Company for chicken feet peeling machine. Automatic chicken feet peeling machine is mainly used to remove the skin of chicken feet, duck feet, goose feet, bird feet, etc, with capacity range from 200kg/h to 1000kg/h. This Iranish customer owns a factory and plans to start business for processing chicken feet. The complete chicken feet processing machines includes chicken feet blanching machine, peeling machine, washing machine, drying machine, and packaging machine.
chicken feet skinner
Features for chicken feet peeling machine :
1. The duck paw peeling machine is for peeling the yellow skin of chicken feet.
2. There are two small models with the capacity 200kg/h and 500kg/h.
3. This automatic duck paw peeling machine  equipment is easy to operate, high output, clean peeling; peeling rate can reach above 98%. 
4. This automatic duck paw peeling machine  is made of stainless steel 304, and the most advanced equipment in chicken paws peeling machine. 
5. We also could customized the duck paw peeling machine  according to client's capacity and other requests.
5. The machine is with the advantage of high peeling rate, low noise, energy saving.
chicken feet peeling machine