Automatic Plantain Peeler|Green Banana Skin Peeling Machine

By:Sarah     Date:2019-01-28

plantain peeler machine
This is GELGOOG autoamtic plantain peeler machine, which is mainly used to peel green bananas. The final peeled banana or plantain is clean and complete pulp. Green Banana Peeling Machine is used for banana in any camber, any size and any shape. Green Banana Peeling Machine suitable for any size, camber of green banana peel, adopt manual feeding and 0.7-1.0 seconds to can complete the work of banana peel.
GELGOOG offers four models of automatic plantain peeler machines: 

GG-60 with 60pcs/min
GG-120 with 120pcs/min
GG-240 with 240pcs/min
GG-360 with 360pcs/min

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