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Continuous Groundnut Fryer Machine|Nut Fryer Equipment

groundnut fryer machine
Continuous groundnut fryer machine is with functions of frying, de-oiling, and conveying in compact structure.Two control ways, manual and automatic, make operation flexible.
1. The continuous groundnut fryer machine is made of 304 stainless steel, double mesh belt conveyor food, mesh belt speed adjustable frequency conversion, automatic lift system make it convenient for workers to clean the machine, constant temperature continuous production, ensure the Fried food temperature and frying time no difference.
2. The peanut fryer machine adopts pure oil scraping slag process, the residue in the food can be scraped out through the longitudinal or transverse longitudinal scraper, keep the oil clean, can be equipped the oil filter machine.
3. The structure of double mesh belt, can meet the preliminary sinking, late floating fried products production, the equipment can be equipped with automatic oil compensating function, can also be assembled automatically filter or vacuum filter equipment, solve the problem of the filter, effectively improve the quality of deep-fried products, reducing the frequent slag removal.
4. Particularly suitable for hanging paste fried food, saving oil.
5. Continous groundnut fryer machine can be customized according to customer request processing, different model has different prices. Welcome to come to discuss business.