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Onion Rings Cutting Machine|Commercial Onion Slicing Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-800kg/h,can be customized
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


The onion rings cutting machine|onion slicing machine is mainly used for slicing fruit and vegetables, like onion, cassava, potato, banana, sweet potato, carrot, cucumber, lemon, kiwi,etc.The thickness of the finished product can be customized.The special deigned cutter makes the fruit cut vertically rotary, which can prevent the fruits slice from damage. This machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the slice thickness and cutting speed are adjustable, the slice are smooth and no damage, also with several different size feeding hole for different size fruits or vegetables.
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1. The maintenance work of the onion rings cutting machine must be carried out with the power cut off; in addition, the clean and tidy cleaning of the vegetable cutting machine room has become an important prerequisite for the safe operation of the vegetable cutting machine.
2 Wash in time after each use. Ensure cleanliness and ensure no residue of ingredients or materials;
3 While cutting vegetables, do not put stone or metallic substances to prevent the knife from splitting.
4 Try cutting before normal operation, observe whether the specifications and requirements of the cut vegetables are consistent, otherwise adjust or replace the height of the blade and the turntable, and then start the batch normal work after the adjustment is correct;
5 After using the equipment for a period of time, check if the screws in each part are loose. If it is found to be loose, tighten the screws; if the screws appear slippery, replace them with new ones.
6 When there is abnormal operation and noise, stop the machine and check immediately. After troubleshooting, turn it back on. When not using the cutter for a long time, keep it in a dry, ventilated place.

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onion rings making machine line

Technical Data

Machine Power Weight Size Capacity
Slicing machine 0.75kw,380v-3/220v-3 100 kg 650*550*900mm 100-800 kg/h



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