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Automatic Dry Onion Skin Peeling Machine Price

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:700-2000kg/h,can be customized
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


Automatic onion peeling machine is made of 304 stainless steel. GELGOOG commercial onion peeling machine is fully automatic operation, just put the feed on the funnel, the conveyor belt will be sent to peeling structure, onion skin will be automatically stripped.
dry onion peeling machine

Introduction of dry onion peeling machine:
※ Dry onion peeling machine, powered by compressed air, adopts chain conveying bin-type peeling structure. The onion heads are driven into the peeling bin through the chain. When the onions pass through the peeling bin, the onion peels are separated by compressed air flow.
※ The onion is peeled continuously during the process of peeling. During the peeling process, the onion is peeled without hardness and friction, ensuring the integrity, freshness and pollution-free of the processed product, while saving electricity and energy, high yield and efficiency, and easy to clean.
※ Because the onion is not damaged during the peeling process, it looks good after peeling and it can be stored for a long time.
※ The whole onion peeling machine is made of 304 food grade stainless steel, which is not afraid of onion oil corrosion. The machine has been widely used with the advantages of high removal rate, no damage to onions during the peeling process, high efficiency of uninterrupted peeling, and simple operation.
automatic onion peeling machine
Automatic onion peeling machine is suitable for various oninons, and the machine can be a one-time peeled. We have different sizes of onion machine, capacity range can be 80-2000kg / h, which can meet different customer requirements. We also have Onion cutting machine, Onion Drying Machine, Fried Onion Production Line and Onion Powder Production Line.

Technical Data

Model voltage Power Gas  Consumption
GGYQ1000 380V 50HZ 3000w 45w screw air compressor



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