Automatic Onion Peeling Machine|Onion Skin Remover Machine

Material: Onion

Capacity: 700-2000kg/h,can be customized

Loading Port: Qingdao Port


This automatic onion peeler machine is specialized for onion peeling, production from 80-2000kg / h, to customers a variety of options

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Automatic onion peeling machine function:
1, The onion peeling machine material is stainless steel.
2, GELGOOG commercial onion peeling machine is fully automatic, operation, just put the feed on the funnel, the conveyor belt will be sent to peeling structure, onion skin will be automatically stripped.
3, Suitable for thick, thin, loose, tight and other onion skin, the machine can be a one-time peeled.
4, We have different sizes of onion machine, capacity range can be 80-2000kg / h, which can meet different customer requirements.
5, We also have onion cutting machine, commercial onion peeling machine, onion slicing machine, onion dryer, can provide you with automatic onion production line.


GELGOOG also offer Onion Cutting Machine
onion peeling machine
Model GGYB-1 GGYB-2
Power 1.5kw, 380V/415V 1.5kw, 380V/415V
Feeding Method Single Conveyor Feeding Double Conveyor Feeding Method
Peeling Rate 70-80pcs/minute 70-80pcs/minute
Capacity 700-1000kg/h 1500-2000kg/h
Peeling Method High Press Gas Peeling Method High Press Gas Peeling Method
Dimension 2300*800*1800mm 2300*1000*1800mm
Weight 240kg 280kg

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