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Automatic Fried Onion Ring Process line Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-1000kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Gelgoog company's automatic onion rings production line is one of the categories of fried food production. Fried crispy onion processing line is easy to operate, high output, cut the thickness of the onion ring adjustable, no broken, can also used for potatoes, banana, yam, mushrooms and other fruits and vegetables. The total fried onion production capacity rangs from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h.
onion rings production line
Introduction ofFried onion processing line:
Consisted of onion peeling machine, onion root cutting machine, onion cutting machine, bubble type washing machines, air-dryers machine, powdering machine, onion frying machines, de-oil machines, seasoning machines, packaging machines and some conveyors.

1.Onion Peeling Machine: Compressed air is used as the power, and the chain conveying bin-type peeling structure is adopted. The onion enters the peeling bin through the chain transmission. When passing through the peeling bin, the onion peel is separated by the compressed air flow. The peeling is uninterrupted during the process. The onion is completely peeled It does not peel off through the effect of hardness and friction, and the integrity and freshness of the processed products are easy to clean at the same time.

2. Onion Cutting Machine: This oonion cutting machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the slice thickness and cutting speed are adjustable, the slice are smooth and no damage, The thickness of the final onion slices can be customized.

3. Onion Fryer Machine: The onion frying machine is continuous working, with high working speed. It is automatic feeding and dischargeing.with automatic lifting system,oil circulation filter system,which can continuously filter oil residue.

This fried onion rings production line is with reasonable design. The produced onions rings taste crisp, delicious, especially for the market demand, favored by the majority of customers at the same time.
The working process of making fried crispy oinon: Onion peeling and root cutting  → onon rings washing & drying → onion rings cutting→ powdering → onion rings frying → deoiling → flavoring and packaging.
fried onion processing machine

Main features of fried onion processing line:

1. Using frequency-controlled special motor, the frying time range is adjustable from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and the equipment is widely used.
2. All onion rings processing machines are made of all stainless steel, it is designed with upper and lower double-layer mesh belts to keep the product even when the product floats during the frying process.
3. An all-round electric chain lifting system that can lift the hood separately, which is beneficial to the cleaning of the equipment.
4. The length, width, and output of the fried onion machines can be customized according to customer needs
5. The automatic smoke extraction system and the constant temperature continuous production system ensure that the workers have a good working environment while ensuring that the food is fried at a constant temperature, thus making the finished product taste better.


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Technical Data

Item Name Power(kw) Voltage Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
Onion Peeling & Cutting Machine(2sets) 0.75 380V-3/220V-3   100 650*550*900
Blanching Machine(2sets) 36 380V-3/220V-3 180  2200*700*900
De-watering Machine 2.2 380V-3/220V-3 480 1200*700*900
Onion rings fryer Machine 1.5 380V-3/220V-3 800 3700*1400*2300
De-oiling Machine 2.2 380V-3/220V-3 480 1200*700*900
Seasoning Machine 1.5 380V-3/220V-3 180 1200*1000*1400
Onion rings packing machine(2 sets) 1.5 380V-3/220V-3 380 1200*700*900



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