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Onion Peeling And Root Cutting Machine Onion Processing Machine Price

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:700-2000kg/h,can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Automatic onion peeling and root cutting machine is the most advanced large-capacity onion processing equipment. This onion peeling and root cutting machine is designed accordting to the onin size, wet and dry, origin, etc. Onion can be a one-time peeling root, and stripping clean, no damage, so the machine has been widely used in vegetable processing industry,
onion peeling and root cutting machine
Onion peeling cutting machine is easy to operate with high output. it adapts to the pneumatic principle which is dry and automatic digital control. Onion surface is without injury. Onions and onion skin separated automatically.The peeling rate can reach 95%. It is equipped with the automatic control device and automatic feeding device. The onion clove can separate automatically without any damage, superior quality. It is very popular in the market.

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Technical Data

Model GGYB-1 GGYB-2 GGYQ-2
Power 1.5kw, 380V/415V 1.5kw, 380V/415V 380V, 50HZ
Feeding Method Single Conveyor Feeding Double Conveyor Feeding Method \
Peeling Rate 70-80pcs/minute 70-80pcs/minute 70-80pcs/min
Capacity 700-1000kg/h 1500-2000kg/h 1500-2000kg
Peeling Method High Press Gas Peeling Method High Press Gas Peeling Method Knife
Dimension 2300*800*1800mm 2300*1000*1800mm 1700*805*1220mm
Weight 240kg 280kg 156kg



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