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Potato Chips Machine Plant|Crisps Crackers Production Line

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:200-1000 kg/h,can be customized
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Potato Chips|Crackers production line process: feeding → cleaning peeled →slices → clean → blanching color protection → dehydration → frying → de-oiling → seasoning → conveyance → packaging.
chips making machine line
1, Cleaning peeling machine: the machine is made of stainless steel, can be automatically cleaned, peeled work.
2, Potato Chips Slicer: We have a dedicated slicer, cutting thickness can be adjusted, and accurate.
3, Blanching machine: the potato chips will be cut for rinsing, color protection.
4, Dewatering machine: the use of centrifugal dehydration. Dehydration before frying can shorten the frying time and improve the taste of potato chips. Increase productivity.
5, Chips Fryer machine: oil-water mixture frying machine, is the most advanced frying equipment. Because of the different proportion of water and oil, water in the bottom, the oil in the upper layer of fried potato chips, the resulting precipitate directly in the water, extended oil life cycle, the cost dropped significantly. Accurate oil temperature control to ensure the quality and taste of the finished product.
6, De-oil machine: the just-fried potato chips to de-oil, improve the taste of potato chips.
7, Automatic chips flavoring machine: drum seasoning machine made of stainless steel. Potato chips in the rotation of the drum evenly flip, the use of thrown into the type or spray to add seasonings.
8, Nitrogen packing machine: packaging, in the bag filled with nitrogen, can effectively prevent potato chips broken rotten, extended shelf life. Inflatable, packaging, playing a complete code.

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Technical Data

Item Name Power(kw) Voltage Weight(kg)
Potato Washing Peeling Machine 0.75 380V-3/220V-3 90
Potato Cutter 4.75 380V-3/220V-3 110
Blanching Machine 9 380V-3/220V-3 80
Dewater Machine 1.5 380V-3/220V-3 300
Fryer 12 380V-3/220V-3 80
De-oiling Machine 1.1 380V-3/220V-3 300
Flavoring Machine 1.1 380V-3/220V-3 150
Packing Machine 1.1 380V-3/220V-3



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