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Commercial Stainless Steel Plantain Banana Slicer|Fruit Chips Cutter Machine Price

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-800kg/h,can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This totally automatic banana slicing or cutting machine can run smoothly without few operating problems. What you need to do is to place peeled or washed raw materials into the feeding throat and wait round and neat sliced chips coming out. These cutting knives inside rotate in high speed and bananas or cassava will automatically fall for its gravity.
GELGOOG also offer Longitudinal Plantain Slicing Machine

fruit slice cutting machine
This banana chips slicing machine is perfectly used in banana chips production line, mainly used for cutting during the processing of fruit and vegetables, suitable for processing potato, lotus root, apple, banana|plantain, lemon, cassava, carrot, yam, pear, big radish, cucumber, taro biopsy stem, root, kiwi, and fruit and vegetables.
1.Product sliced by this banana chips cutting machine is in round pieces, the thickness can be adjusted, yield of 99%.
2.This banana plantain chips cutting machine is with reasonable structure, low failure rate, and convenient maintenance, ideal equipment for food export processing enterprises.
3.Compact design makes it suitable in small and medium cassava chips production.

GELGOOG also offers Full Automatic Banana|Plantain Chips Processing Line:
banana chips making machine

Technical Data

Machine Power Weight Size Capacity
Slicing machine 0.75kw,380v-3/220v-3 100 kg 650*550*900mm 100-800 kg/h



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