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Business Use Onion Powder Making Machine Production Line

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-1000kg
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Onion powder making machine is designed to make onion powder. GELGOOG machinery offers a complete set of onion powder production line with various capacities. Onion powder is a kind of condiment, and it is also a kind of health food, widely used in nutrition and health products, functional foods, baby food, seasonings etc.
onion powder production line

The onion powder processing line is composed of Onion peeling machine, onion root cutting machine, onion washing machine,onion cutting machine, onion drying machine, onion powder grinder machine, etc.
Features of onion powder machine production line:
1 Full automatic, no spoilage to onions, easy operation and high peeling rate more than 95% 
2 Food grade 304 stainless steel, no pollution to the onions.
3 Complete dry peeling
4 Low energy and air consumption, Big handling capacity
5 Simple design and convenient usage, saving labor and healthy instead of manual processing onion.

Onion peeling machine: Industrial onion peeling machine is designed with 304 Stainless stee, fully automatic operation, just put the feed on the funnel, the conveyor belt will be sent to peeling structur.
Onion cutting machine: The thickness of the finished onion slices can be customized.The special deigned onion cutter makes the fruit cut vertically rotary, which can prevent the fruits slice from damage.
Onion drying machine: Dried onion making machine is widely used for large quantity onion processing.Use medium and low temperature hot air to dry, and the moisture will be discharged in time

onion powder making machine supplier

Onion powder making machine from washing, cutting, drying, smashing, sieving until the completion of onion processing. Various specifications of equipment meet processing needs. Onion peeling machine transports onions through the stainless steel crawler belt, and uses the compressed air to blow off the onion skin, so as to achieve no damage.
All the onion processing machines are manufactured by GELGOOG machinery. If you are interested in this machine, Please Feel Free to contact us Email [email protected] WhatsApp +8618537181190

Technical Data

Item Name
Onion peeling machine
Onion root cutting machine
Sorting Conveyor Line
Onion washing machine
Air drying machine
Onion cutting machine
Onion drying machine
Onion powder grinder



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