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Bakery Baking Tunnel Oven Industrial Conveyor Oven For Sale

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  • Capacity:Can be customized
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Industrial baking tunnel for bakery food is designed to bake bread, cakes, biscuits etc. The tunnel oven is mainly used in food enterprises for industrial production. Generally, there are electric heating and gas heating according to different heat sources. GELGOOG can customize the length and width of the baking oven according to the production volume of different customers.
industrial bakery baking tunnel
Advantages of Industrial baking tunnel:
★ The transmission system can choose a reasonable baking range, time and temperature according to customer baking requirements.
★ High-strength structural design saves space for customers and meets the needs of mass production.
★ PLC touch screen control system prevents misoperation control, automatic safety detection and processing, and alarm display in Chinese and English.
★ The air electric proportional control valve receives the PID 4-20mA signal of the thermostat and adjusts the air flow linearly. The zero-pressure valve adjusts the gas flow synchronously and linearly to realize automatic temperature control.
★ The super-thickness of the thermal insulation layer can reach 250-300mm, the thermal insulation effect is good, and the surface temperature can be guaranteed.
baking oven for biscuit
★Industrial tunnel oven can be widely used in the baking of bread, cakes, biscuits, snacks, meat, etc.
★The heating adopts radiant heat, and the furnace temperature is 150℃--300℃;
★The furnace structure has been designed and verified for many years, and there is a complete set of parameter values;
★The tunnel furnace is set up to control the upper and lower temperature zones separately to meet the requirements of the food on the surface and bottom heating.
bakery baking oven for sale
GELGOOG industrial baking tunnel absorbs and introduces advanced tunnel furnace design and production experience, selects raw materials and accessories reasonably and standardized, achieves a balance in the main indicators such as baking effect, equipment safety, and economical use, and provides customized design to meet customers' demands.

GELGOOG also provide Rotary Baking Oven
rotary oven for sale


Technical Data

Machine Size 2100*1500MM
Heating Gas
Air Consumption 0.9M³/H
Voltage 380V
Power 2HP
Tray Size 40*60CM



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