Walnut Hard Shell Shelling Machine On Sale

Material: walnut

Capacity: 250 KG/H

Loading Port: Qingdao port


Walnut hard shell shelling machine,mainly used for shelling walnuts,thin skin walnuts,etc.Instead of artificial shelling,it saves time and effort.

Walnut hard shell shelling machine, mainly used for shelling walnuts, thin skin walnuts, etc. Instead of artificial shelling, it saves time and effort.The walnut sheller consists of a frame, a feeder, a stator and a rotor, and a 1.5KW cycloid reducer.
walnut peeling machine
Working principle of the walnut shelling machine:
After the equipment is in normal operation, the walnuts are quantitatively, uniformly and continuously put into the feeding hopper, and the shelling machine is unsealed by the principle of extrusion of the stator and the rotor and tearing of the pattern. During the process of shelling, the extrusion and the tearing act simultaneously, increasing the degree of cracking of the walnut shell. The walnut is pushed into the shell of the shell at a certain distance under the rotation of the rotor, and the force is continuously pressed along the surface of the shell. The crack continues to expand until the nut shell of the walnut is completely broken and detached, and the shell and the nut are small through the drum. The gap falls and the purpose of shelling is achieved. The spacing is adjusted according to the thickness of the walnut shell produced in different regions and the size of the walnut.
Model Power(KW) Capacity(KG/H) Size(mm) Weight(KG) Shelling rate
GGKH1 1.5 250 1200*800*1300 200 ≥99%


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