Hot Sale Multi-purpose Peanut Roaster Machine|Seeds Beans Dryer Machine

Material: bean,nut,peanut,

Capacity: 75-500kg/h

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Multipurpose seeds nuts roaster machine can be used to roast peanut,chestnuts,pine nuts,hazelnuts,almonds,seeds,beans,sesame etc.With capacity 75-500kg/h.

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This multi-purpose peanut roaster machine is commercial hot sale multipurpose roaster equipment in market. It can be used to roast various nuts, like, peanut, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds, seeds, coffee bean, sesame, sunflower seeds,walnuts,pepper,rice etc.It utilizes drum horizontal structure, uniform heating for roasting material, automatic rotation, automatic stir, roasting and discharging. When working, drum will rotate continuously, roasting material from all different direction, will no phenomenon of stick pan. And roasting nuts have good color, fragrant.
nut roaster machine
Advantages of the peanut roaster machine:
1.Multipurpose. It can be used to roast various nuts. 
2.Uniform heating roller and thermal insulation function, high thermal efficiency. 
3.Drum is constantly rotated. Back and forth, up and down, all heating well from different direction. Roasting effect of nuts is good. 
4.Automatic working. Machine can rotate, roast, discharge automatically.
5.Reasonable structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency, safety.
6.Roasting speed is fast, it need only 14-20minutes for one time. 
7.Low investment costs. Machine price is low, and have many models from small to large, customers can choose according to their needs. 
8.It is usually used with oil press machine. 
9.Electric, gas, coal heating can choose according to customers convenient.
10.Machine with 4 wheels, easy to move.
Name Model Size Power(KW) Weight Weight
Roaster machine GGCC-550 1550*700*1050 Level 6 - 0.55 100 75-100KG/H
GGCC-650 1800*850*1200 Level 6 - 0.1.1 165 150-200KG/H
GGCC-750 2050*950*1400 Level 6 - 1.1 220 200-300KG/H
GGCC-900 2400*1100*1700 Level 6 - 1.5 350 400-500KG/H

  • Multi-purpose Dry Nuts Seeds Beans Roasting MachineMulti-purpose Dry Nuts Seeds Beans Roasting Machine

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