Fruit Chips Dryer Oven|Vegetable Drying Oven

Material: fruit,vegetable,noodles

Capacity: 500kg/time

Loading Port: Qingdao Port


Fruit and vegetable drying oven is multi-purpose for processing fruit slices,vegetable chips,noodles,etc

Fruit and vegetable drying oven:
1.The operating temperature range: 50~140 degrees C (can be set according to the requirements of the work).
2. The heat source is: electric heating.
3. Maximum loading material: 192x3=576kg/ times (proportion in the 0.8~1 or so).
4. The temperature rise of the box shell temperature <40 degrees C (in continuous working 3 hours or more).
5. The working noise is <72dB (DB).
6. This drying oven can be used to dry fruit slices or vegetable chips, and also noodles.

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Model GG-C-4
Capacity 500kg/time
Fan Power 1.8kw
Electric Heating Power 60kw
Air Amount 13800m3/h
Trays Number 192pcs with size of 460*640*45mm
Dimension 4460*2260*2100mm
Weight 2800kg


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