Recipe For Making Prawn Cracker?

By:Sarah     Date:2016-10-17

Making prawn crackers is really easy with professional Prawn Crackers Making Equipment. The crackers can be sun-dried but you'll need to watch out for 'local wildlife' such as cats etc from sampling your wares.
Home-made prawn crackers reflect the individual flavour characteristics of the type of prawns used. I've run a horizontal taste test of prawn crackers made with different types of prawns. Result? The most magnificent (and expensive!!) crackers are from wild caught King prawns. Farmed prawns tend to produce a much milder prawn flavour.  However, all are far superior to any commercial product.
You can also experiment with other types of seafood such as scallops, fish or for the ultimate indulgence, lobster or crayfish!
The recipe should be looked at as a guideline for ingredient ratios. The aim is to try to keep the ratio of prawn meat to tapioca starch at 1:1 or less (ie more prawn than tapioca starch).
1 kg whole prawns to yield 500g prawn meat after deheading and shelling
100g tapioca starch for making paste & additional 400 g tapioca starch for making dough
200ml prawn stock (made from heads and shells)
3 - 4 tspn salt or to taste
ground white pepper
2 tspn baking powder
Follow the next steps:
Prepare Prawn Stock
Make Prawn Starch Paste
Prepare The Prawn Meat Paste
Make The Dough
Form Dough Into Rolls; Then Steam
Slice The Rolls To Form Crackers
Dry The Prawn Cracker Slices
Frying Prawn Crackers
They can be served immediately or stored in a large air-tight jar. Enjoy!

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