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Round Fryer Kuli Kuli Machine|Nigerian Chin Chin Snacks Frying Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-300kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


GELGOOG kuli kuli frying machine is designed to process fried snacks like chin chin, peanut snack, pellet chips, potato chips, plantain chips, etc. The frying machine is with advanced technology of oil-water mixture, which can overcome the defect of conventional frying machine, automatic filtration, can keep the oil clean.
kuli kuli frying machine price
Introduction of automatic Nigerian fried kuli kuki machine
This automatic fried kuli kuli machine adopts the international most elected to oil-water mixed fried process, completely changed the structure of the traditional frying equipment, fundamentally solves the disadvantages of traditional fryer, can be used to fry various kinds of snacks, like kuli kuli, chin chin, groundnuts, cashew nuts, broad beans, potato chips, french fries, banana chips, peanuts,meatballs, sakkarpara, namak para,chicken karaage etc. With gas and electric heating types for selection.

Main features of Kuli Kuli Snacks Frying Machine:
♥ The snacks frying machine is made of high quality stainless steel, keeping the food safe and health. And the oil content, water temperature, fry and deoiling time are all automatically controlled.
♥ The nigerian groundnut balls frying machine can greatly prolong the service life of frying oil, without frequent oil changes, the product is consumed in the process of Fried oil absorption of oil, equivalent to product oil-saving efficiency is not in question.
♥ The advanced and efficient heating system avoids energy waste and saves a lot of energy expenditure.
♥ The implementation of the machine continuously improves the work efficiency of the unit, effectively reduces the unit cost, and is also very helpful for labor expenditure and management expenditure.

Technical Data

Model heating method size(mm) weight(kg) Fried basket size Oil
GGYZQ1000 gas 2100*1400*1700 700 Fried basket
320 12 m³
GGYZQ1200 gas 2300*1500*1700 800 Fried basket
460 23 m³
GGYZQ1500 gas 2600*1800*1700 1080 Fried basket
720 23 m³



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