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Semi-automatic Frozen French Fries Machine in Turkey

patates kızartması is a popular snack food in Turkey,which means fried potato(or potato fries) in Turkish language. Our customer from Turkey ordered a total set of french fries machines on August.19th.
Customer is in business of making and selling french fries, with output 100kg/h.
frozen french fries processing line
The total set of semi-automatic French Fries Machines consist of potato washing and peeling machine,potato cutter, blanching machine,de-watering machine,frying machine,de-oiling machine,flavoring machine,and packing machine.
Semi-automatic french fries machine plant is our company independently developed according to the international market demand, developed a new type of production line, it is divided into full automatic production line and semi-automatic production line. Our potatoes french fry machine plant is designed for processing potatoes into delicious finger chips, potato crisps,potato chips or french fries and packing to ginger chips with excellent quality and less fat pickup. Raw materials can be fresh potatoes, also can be used for other root vegetables, such as potato,sweet potatoes, purple sweet potato, taro, cassava etc.
Features of semi-automatic french fries machine:
1. This small scale french fries making machine can produce potato chips and potato slices by change cutting blade. French fries cutting machine is easy to operate with high efficiency of 200-1000kgs per hour.
2. The French Fries Fryer Machine, it can be designed to be Electricity Heating and Gas Heating types according to your demand. 
3. For French Fries Blanching Machine, it also can be made to be Electricity Heating, Gas Heating type according to clients’ demand. 
4. Automatic flavoring machine: Drum flavoring machine adopts stainless steel.French fries or potato chips turn in the rotation of the drum, the scattered or spray add seasonings, seasoning evenly not easily broken. 
5. Packaging machine: Pack French fries into bag, the weight of each bag can be adjusted, packing and printing.
6. All machines are made of Stainless Steel. 
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