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Multi-functional Sunflower Seeds Roasting Machine

sunflower seed roasting machine
This sunflower seeds roasting machine is mainly used for roasting sunflower seeds,high efficiency,can also be used to roast peanuts, sesame, almond, cashew nut and so on.
The sunflower seed roasting machine is made of all stainless steel. For other models, all food contacting parts, inner drum, up and down hopper etc. Are made of stainless steel, frame and machine body are carton steel. If you need all stainless steel, GELGOOG can customize for you.
Advantages of Sunflower Seeds Roasting Machine:
1.Automatic temperature and time controller. It can make machine easier to control about roasting temperature and time, making roasting effect better. 
2.Easy to use. Automatic roasting, rotating and discharge. 
3.High efficient and low maintenance.
4.Widely usage. Beautiful performance and durable..