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Argentine Customer Visiting For Fruit Vegetable Washing Equipment

Argentine Customer Mr. Waltar visited GELGOOG Company for fruit vegetable washing equipment. This customer owns a small factory to clean and pack fruit and vegetables with capacity 1ton per hour. The working principle of fruit vegetable washing equipment: The fruit vegetable in the water channel is scattered, rolled, cleaned and delivered under high pressure water and powerful bubble. The sand will fall to Isolation warehouse on the bottom and do not cause pollution again. The debris and worms on the water will be collected by net. And the brush roller can clean the thread let, hair and so on. Then the cleaned vegetable and fruit will be doing spray cleaning again.
fruit vegetable washing machine
The main features of fruit vegetable washing equipment:
Fruit vegetable washing equipment can be used for cleaning mushroom, celery, spinch, cabbage and fruits such as apple,tomato,pepper, eggplant, cucumber and  strawberry, etc.
Using advanced UV/O3 water treatment system to sterilize for vegetables, which can kill harmful bacteria, decomposite pesticide residue.
The water can be recycled after activated carbon filtration,thus 80% clean water can be saved
Mainly apply to factories, troops, hospitals, university cafeterias, etc.
Fruit Vegetable Washing Equipment is made by the stainless steel material, with high pressure fan,  high pressure water impact, vegetable soak, clean, desalting effect.
fruit vegetable washing equipment
After checking the machine, Mr. Waltar felt satisfied and he ordered the complete set of fruit vegetable washing and drying line. We will be celebrating the traditional Chinese holiday, the Mid-Autumn Festival in several days, so GELGOOG also present cutomer a box of mooncakes as a gift. GELGOOG Company has always improved service from our professional knowledge and rich experience, which also makes more and more customers and we have established a long-term relations of cooperation.