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Flour Coated Peanut Processing Line

Coated peanut is a kind of peanut snack popular in many countries and regions. How to make coated peanut? GELGOOG also this coated peanut processing line which is mainly used to produce coated peanut,almond, cashew nuts, automatically from roasting to packing.
The production process: Peanut roasting machine---Peanut peeling machine----Peanut coating machine----Swing oven -----Flavoring machine----Cooling line system. GELGOOG can also equip the coated peanut packing machine.
Peanut Roasting Machine: It is mainly used for peanut, cashew nuts, Chinese chestnut, walnut, almond, swallow beans, beans, melon seeds and other granular materials' baking or drying. Adopts  rotary expansion cylinder, heat conduction ,heat radiation principle. Can be customized using coal, electric, gas as fuel and infrared model.
Peanut Peeling Machine: It suits for removing the skin of different standard roasted peanuts. Stable and reliable performance, long service life, good peeling effect, high productivity, low half grain rate, high quality. 
Peanut Coating Machine: Put the peeled peanuts into it and peanut will be combined with flour uniformly.
Particle Swing Oven Machine: Plane rotary mixing style, using stainless steel. Peanut can get uniform heat, high capacity, low broken rate, pollution-free.
Flavoring machine: It is used to flavor the product to make the ready product with different taste.
Cooling line: It is used to cool the ready product so to make them going for packing.