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Advanced Potato Starch Production Line

potato starch processing line
The production process of potato starch processing line: Remove stone—washing-- steam peeling-- dry brush peeling-- sorting and pruning--slicing--blanching and cooling-- cooking and mashing—transport—unifying materials—making flakes—scraping--packaging.
The main features of potato starch processing line:
1. Professional solution design, high quality machines, competitive prie.
2. Consult and answer all your questions within 24 hours.
3. Factory layout design according to your requirement.
4. Formulation available.
5. Fast delivery:15 working days for single machine/40 working days for complete line.
6. Professional engineer, overseas installation and commissioning, training.
7. Warranty: 1 years
8. Service life long technical support
9. Low consumption, high profit.
Tips: 5 tons of fresh potato can be used to process 1 ton potato starch. 
Potato starch is widely used in the textile, oil extraction, feed and food industries, especially the international and domestic food market development, so that the demand for high-precision potato starch soared, coupled with other natural starch starch starch can not replace the natural properties, making it the preferred products both domestic and overseas.