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Slanty Pellet Chips Frying Machine

slanty chips frying machine
Slanty Pellet Chips Frying Machine is a kind of continuous fryer machine with automatic lifting system and oil circulation filter system.The material of stainless steel, length, width, production capacity can be customized according to customers' needs. Due to different fried foods, this kind of continous slanty pellet chips frying machine can be divided into single and double mesh belts, the temperature for the digital display can be automatically controlled, customers can arbitrarily set the oil temperature. Mesh conveyor system is frequency control and there are two kinds of automatic filtration system: Pure oil filter and oil and water mixture.
Benefit Analysis of slanty pellet chips frying machine:
(1) Advanced oil and water technology to overcome the shortcomings of conventional frying machine, automatic filtration, to keep the oil clean, so that fried products consistently, both to improve product quality, extend the shelf life, but also for the product belt To a higher added value.
(2) The oil temperature and water temperature can be automatic controlled, and the complete slanty pellet chips frying machine can always maintain a good working condition, not only improve the production but also can make the product quality and stability, color, smell and taste.
(3) The machine's automatic filtration system can greatly extend the life of frying oil, without frequent oil change, fuel efficiency is high.
(4) Advanced and efficient heating system to a greater extent to avoid energy waste, save a lot of energy expenditure.
(5) The continuous work of the unit to improve the unit efficiency, effectively reduce the unit cost, labor expenditure and management spending is also very helpful.
The slanty pellet chips frying machine is highly automated and is suitable for mass production of high-end customers such as snack foods, pellet chips, french fries, potato chips, banana chips, fish, meat, pork rinds, poultry, aquatic products, patties, balls, rice crates, etc.