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Potato Chips Making Machine 50kg Capacity

potato chips making machine
50kg/h Potato chips making machine is consisted of potato washing peeling machine, potato chips slicer machine, chips blanching machine, water removing machine, chips fryer machine, oil removing machine, flavoring machine and packaging machine.
1. Potato washing peeling machine is combined washing and peeling. With the principle of brush cleaning, this machine is widely applicable to fruits and vegetables such as ginger, carrots, potato, sweet potato, kiwi and other root potato vegetables cleaning and peeling. The machine is with the characteristics of beautiful appearance and easy operation, large amount of cleaning peeling, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life and so on. The brush roll material is treated by special process (made of nylon thread ), Durable, good wear resistance. The box is made of high quality stainless steel, non-corrosive, clean and sanitary. Can be customized according to customer requirements.
2. Potato chips slicer machine is for slicing potato, banana, etc into chips. This chips slicer machine is easy to operate, with high yield, and the thickness of the finished chips can be adjusted.
3. Chips blanching machine: This machine is mainly used to clean the starch of potato chips to make the finished chips more glazed and tasty.
4. Water removing machine: This machine is with full stainless steel design, fully enclosed, digital control, automatic electromagnetic brake.potato chips making machine
5. Chips fryer machine: GELGOOG offer two heating types of chips fryer machine, gas and electric for customer to choose. For making frozen potato chips, the frying time is short, and the tempature of frying should be controlled as 180°C.
6. Oil removing machine: After frying, the chips will be conveyed to the de-oiling machine to remove the excess oil, which can make the finished chips healthier.
7. Flavoring machine: Flavor the chips as you want. The equipment has a tilt-type dressing drum, automatic control of the speed and material capacity, suitable for continuous production line seasoning operations. Equipped with a screw feeding device, and in the dust at the same time spontaneous mixing.
8. Packaging machine: Vacuum nitrogen filled packaging machine is with beautiful appearance,which can be intuitive to its true form, internal and external pressure balance (-600 ~ -700mmHg) air will not be through the bags of microporous bags gradually into the bag to prevent potato chips from premature corruption and deterioration.
potato chips maker machine