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Potato Chips Manufacturing Process Business

potato chips manufacturing process
Potatoes are rich in variety of body essential amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins. After frying and adding a variety of natural food additives fried potato chips, not only to maintain the above-mentioned nutrients, and increased levels of vitamin A, amino acids and minerals.
Its delicious fried potato chips, crisp taste, nutrient-rich, known in Europe and the United States, has become one of the leading snack food people, for decades sold briskly.
China's large population, vast territory, rich potato, annual output ranking third in the world, is a prerequisite for the development of deep-fried potato chips. China has a huge potential market, the average consumption per person per year 1 kg per year had 1.2 billion kg of market demand. Such as by small and medium sized manufacturers annual output of 300 ton, probably as many as 400, in order to meet this demand. At present, only a few manufacturers produce chips, visible far meet domestic market demand.
Jilin potatoes rich resources, create excellent conditions for the development of deep-fried potato chips industry, shopping malls such as the battlefield, who is the first to capture the market, it is most likely to become the first brand products.
Fried potato chips production line of advanced design, high quality, easy operation, high degree of automation. Its motor, reducer, frequency, speed, pneumatic components, electrical components and bearings are used in Japan and Europe brand. Where food contact parts are made of stainless steel, fully in line with international food hygiene standards machinery.
The project less investment, high efficiency and short payback period