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Industrial Smoke Oven For Making BBQ

smoking ovenThe use of liquid smoke flavorings and smoked foods is a method currently smoked food industry world wide application, and is seen as the most promising sector smoked spice. Its most prominent advantages of liquid smoke method is: no 3,4 benzopyrene carcinogen, smoked out of the food is safe and reliable;

Smoking oven can greatly reduce the traditional method of investment in plant, equipment and the like; to achieve mechanization, electrification, continuous production operations, greatly improving production efficiency; its production process is simple, easy to operate, smoked a short time, low labor intensity does not pollute the environment, and the products from corrosion, fresh and good quality.

Smoke flavorings natural plant as raw material, carbonization, purified and refined, with good aroma antiseptic effect, mainly used for the production of smoked flavor meat, fish, soy, soy sauce, vinegar and seasonings.
Why Do You Use Smoke Oven?
1, Add food a special smoky flavor, increase the flavor
2, It produces a characteristic appearance of smoke color, add nitrate to promote the role of meat products launched
3, The role of sterilization
4, Dried, effect of preventing corruption
5, Smoked ingredients penetrate the meat to prevent fat oxidation

Gelgoog offers electric and steam type smoke oven with multi-functional purpose for making food, meats, sausage, jerky, poultry, wild game, seafood, tofu,fish, etc, from capacity 50-1000kg/h, can also be customized.