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What Equipment I Should Use For Making Peanut Candy?

peanut candySweet and crisp peanut candy or peanut brittle candy bar is not so inexpensive, becoming one of the most favorite food consumers.Peanut candy first appeared time in BC 475-- 221 years of the Warring States time, because at that time the country is fighting a panic, feel insecure, slightly some of the rich people to safety of life, are fleeing, away from the fighting. In the midst of the tumult of the times, for easy to carry, wealthy people will caramel [1] and malt made through saccharification boiled sugar, was sticky, commonly known as maltose) together and peanuts boiled, after boiling , then cut into irregular little pieces, which formed a peanut candy ancestor, is the world's first peanut candy, in the 12th and 13th centuries, peanut candy incoming first Arab country, and then spread to Greece and the rest of Europe and the world.
After countless years, until the beginning of the last century, peanut candy has been in a single species, a single production process, until the creation of the Book of Rites Bakery, we will further expand and develop peanut candy, after nearly a baptism century, has become Rites Bakery Shop from Aberdeen today famous century-old peanut candy from a single product into the present more than 20 kinds of varieties, hundreds of production methods, hundreds of different flavors of peanut candy, peanut candy sugars wherein the bottom is the most representative one, is like eating peanut candy beauty ladies exempted because sugary and fattening concern for diabetes were exempted because eating polysaccharide leaving sicker to worry about. Book Bakery production of "Macao characteristic peanut candy" With the traditional manual process, ancient secret, and now advanced production technology, production of peanut candy countries and regions has become the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Europe and other prestigious Featured product!
GELGOOG has developed the Automated Line for Peanut Candy Bar and Cereal Bar. The total production line is with progressive technology and easy operation. The automatic processing line Consists of heating, mixing,  platen, cutting and packing. It is mainly for peanut brittle, sesame candy, cereal brittle and so on. The Manufacturing line consists of heating and stirring, reciprocating platen, automatic cuts composition, with simple operation, stir the Completed Dimension, weight consistent. Much infrared heating, nonstick sides of casks, Stir Evenly, nonstick pot.

Automatic control reciprocating motion, the average Degree. Automatic dicer, a molding, product size, weight consistent. This line is made up of pressing machine, length cutting machine, breadth cutting machine. The exterior of the machine is made with type 304 stainless steel; it is suitable for automatic forming for swelled candy rice, sachima, nut crisp, peanut brittle etc. Peanut candy cutting machine Flow Chart: Raw peanut--- Peanut roasting machine---Peanut peeling machine---Electric powered sugar boiler---Mixing machine---Conveyor---Peanut bar cutting machine---Automatic pillow packing machine.